opinion | “Encouragement and Humility”: panting into the wonders of the universe

To the editor:

Recreation of an “wonderful new peek into the traditional universe” (entrance web page, July 13):

People are an exquisite tool-making species, with an insatiable curiosity and creativeness and a yearning for exploration and understanding. With that very same human spirit, astrophysicists, mathematicians, and modern engineers have gone in massively left, giving the world the James Webb Area Telescope.

These fashionable explorers enable us to see many light-years via area with a lot better readability, and to get nearer than earlier than to the start of the universe billions of years in the past. They inform us the brilliance of numerous galaxies deceptively showing to shoreline in area, the start and loss of life of stars churning, and the rising variety of exoplanets orbiting the universe’s different suns.

We could also be excused for locating this new window on the world, together with our place and our mission within the faltering universe, making it bolder and humble on the identical time.

Keith Tidman
Bethesda, Maryland.

To the editor:

The James Webb Area Telescope’s out-of-this-world photographs drove me to the primary phrases in Genesis, “At first…” — and as near God as I’ve ever felt. Let this be the start of the sunshine.

Susan Levine
New Haven, Connecticut.

To the editor:

Re-“staring in awe on the universe” by Shannon Styron (Visitor Opinion Article, July 13):

Ms. Styron superbly describes the context wherein the early photographs from the James Webb Area Telescope match.

Nevertheless, in her enthusiasm, she went one step additional. The Webb Telescope and thrilling future scientific endeavors will undoubtedly present many new solutions about how the universe developed and whether or not or not we’re alone in it. However science won’t ever reply the “why” query.

Why does the universe exist and why the evolution of life on our earth has developed and led to clever and aware people are questions which have been addressed by philosophers and spiritual leaders, however they can’t be answered. That is the actually fantastic puzzle of our life.

Norman J Sisman
Sleepy Hole, New York

To the editor:

If, as many astronomers imagine, there’s life plentiful all through the huge expanse depicted in Net photographs, all because of the Creator(s) for having the knowledge to keep up huge distances between planets in order that the inhabitants can solely hurt themselves, and never others. .

David Smaller
San Diego

To the editor:

Concerning “Voices of Males Affected by Abortion” (information article, July 4th):

What’s missing in most abortion protection is its profit to males. Once I was an abortion counselor within the Nineteen Seventies, the most typical response for males accompanying sufferers was aid—and for good cause. They’re disadvantaged of the time, cash, and energy concerned in elevating a baby they didn’t plan to have.

Mother and father usually wrestle to truly present for his or her youngsters. They wish to guarantee that the ladies they care about don’t face the most important dangers of a failed abortion or a being pregnant to time period.

In brief, abortion advantages the boys, ladies, and kids they’ve or could have sooner or later, together with society and the nation as a complete. These women and men take accountability for his or her lives. What’s irresponsible merciless and harmful actions deny this reality.

Naomi Fats

To the editor:

One of many issues that has anxious me up to now few months is the decline in media protection of the warfare in Ukraine, particularly when in comparison with the better protection early on after the Russian invasion. And even when there’s protection of Ukraine, it seems to take a again seat to different tales similar to inflation, the January 6 fee, gun violence, rising divisions inside each the Democratic and Republican events, and hypothesis concerning the consequence of the 2022 election.

Why am I anxious? Russia consultants initially believed that Vladimir Putin’s determination to invade Ukraine was a calculated gamble, based mostly on the idea that he may win the warfare simply and rapidly. This guess was based mostly on Mr. Putin’s assumptions that Individuals would lose curiosity in Ukraine and that NATO and European international locations won’t stay united over time.

Analysis in communications reveals how the amount and perspective of media tales affect what an viewers believes is vital. Merely put, the media performs what students name the perform of “setting the agenda.” Consequently, we should always query whether or not the present media protection of Ukraine is definitely serving to to make Mr. Putin’s gamble much less of of venture — and a extra certain guess.

Richard Sherwitz
Austin, Texas
The author is Professor Emeritus on the Moody College of Communication on the College of Texas at Austin.

To the editor:

Re “Can a Democrat Appeal to Rural Voters by Confronting the Paperwork?” , by Farrah Stockman (The Opinion, July 4th):

Democrats, due to their reliance on authorities rules and packages of their insurance policies, have a particular obligation to make sure that there’s efficient and environment friendly authorities, one that really works.

As a lot as Republicans have labored for many years to undermine authorities capabilities, Democrats have ignored the difficulty, as a substitute making proposals that place new rules on top of outdated rules and new packages on top of outdated ones.

Streamlined and efficient authorities can serve liberal democratic politics significantly better than the present muck in our authorities companies.

Frank Z. Reilly Jr.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina